About the Artist


Noland Creative is an independent art studio based in Richmond, Virginia. It is owned and operated by artist Philip Noland. His passion for visual art and design span multiple disciplines, including ArchViz, Drafting, Design, and Fine Art Painting and Drawing.

A native to Virginia and a graduate of VCU Interior Design School, Philip has traveled, worked, and lived all across the country, including Montana, Texas, and South Carolina. Noland’s 25+ years of experience in Architecture, Design, and Fine Art, inform his mindful and sensitive approach to creative marketing and communication.

Fueled by a never-ending passion for anything visually creative, Noland is always on the hunt to find new and exciting ways of connecting people to their ideas both on and off the computer screen. It is not enough to let  technology alone take care of the work; an artistic approach and craftsmanship must blend seamlessly into every project.

Throughout his work, you will find an underlying necessity to communicate not just an interpretation of someone’s design  but also an expression of what that design can achieve. By carefully crafting  3D models and simulating just the right textures, lighting and camera angles, many of Noland's images become hyper realistic and often leave the viewer asking, " Does this already exist?"